Online Movement Academy

FlowMove presents Online Movement Acadmey which consits of varioius virtual mind-body professional classes, courses and teacher trainings such as yoga, pilates, barre, yoga dance and aerial yoga for students and yoga/fitness professionals. You can practice anywher in the world form the comfort of your home. Only thing you need is your phone/tablet/computer and interent connection. Hope you’ll enjoy the experience!

We deliver professional Online Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and other online related courses for all levels based on an approach developed by Joanna Puchala.

They bring together elements of Yoga/Vinyasa Flow combined with Aerial Yoga techniques using slings (hammocks).

The courses are in video form so they can be consumed at a time and location convenient to the student.  The video format has been designed to be viewed on any desktops including smartphones for maximum flexibility.

You can learn fast and with a maximum efficiency how to use the aerial hammock in a particular way. We developed for you Online Aerial Yoga Flow Teacher Training which is comprehensive and easy to use. You’ll learn aerial yoga techniques,  benefits, contraindications and spotting your students. You’ll learn how to deliver different length classes to your clients. You can study in your own place, pace and on your own conditions. You can become a yoga teacher now.

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If you’re interested in learning Aerial Yoga for yourself and do your own practice then we created the following packages for you.

These are the packages of six hours of tuition: five videos + a bonus extra video group class for only £60.

These are Aerial Yoga Flow classes designed for any level of aerial yoga practitioner from beginners to advanced. You’ll be led through different aerial yoga positions incorporated into a flow and choreographed movement.  You’ll learn how to maintain proper alignment and keep your practice safe and progress it gradually as you go. You can play each class separately at any time as well as you can follow the numbers.

The courses are hosted at Namastream and are accessible through the following links. You’ll be redirected to the PayPal page to purchase the course. Once you’ve purchased it you’ll get full access to the course. If you have any questions please contact info@flowmove.eu

We hope you enjoy the experience of flying with us!

6 hour Aerial Yoga online video course only £60 FlowMove

6 hour Aerial Yoga for Everyone online video course only £60 FlowMove