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Come join us on a peaceful retreat in a beautiful place
Travel + Yoga = Healthy You

Did you know that traveling lowers your stress levels, improves your brain health and boosts the immune system? Much like yoga! Go on a yoga holiday, combine both and multiply the benefits of this perfect match!

We created for you a special offer of 10% off on each retreat if you book before 31st March. Please check out the options and let us know if any of those are of your interest. 

Inverted yoga pose

If you want to save more money then the flights are still cheap for those dates. Take advantage of both:  retreats discount and cheap flights!

8 Day Aerial/Yoga Retreat in Montenegro: 29April-6May (Early May Bank Holiday)

8 Day Aerial/Yoga Retreat in Italy – Amalfi Coast: 20-27May

15/8 Day Sailing Yoga Retreat in Greece – Ionian Islands 7-21 Sept