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FlowMove is an online movement academy providing online mind-body courses and teacher training. It is available to students and professionals to deepen their yoga, pilates, aerial yoga,…knowledge on their path to personal and professional growth.

If you are a professional and would like to create your own online courses we can host them on our website.

The requirements to put your courses online:

You need to provide us with edited High Definition material (videos of any length 10/15/30/45/60/90 min of your classes/tutorials), title, pictures, any text (bios, descriptions) in pdf format and if you would like to include bank details of your account where we can send money after each sale)

Initially, all can be submitted through a link to your google drive. Create the folder, name all the content and include all the credits, bios, descriptions.

While filming we recommend using an iPhone with the MoviePro app and a Bluetooth external mic to have better quality audio (Apple ear pods work well).  In this way, you can simply film using your phone. Check out the tutorials available on YouTube on how to film by a device of your choice.

What are the benefits for you?

You’ll promote yourself as a professional,  delivering high standard classes/courses.

You’ll support the community of your students with useful material to educate themselves on how to improve their physical and mental health through your online courses.

You’ll be a part of a large community of professionals (yoga, pilates, dance, aerial, pole, circus, fitness,… teachers) who share the same values and can contribute to your professional work as a teacher/trainee.

You’ll have an opportunity of making money out of sales of your online courses on demand 50/50 profit share.

Once your courses are available online you will be making an additional passive income 24/7 without doing anything else but sharing your offer on your social media and or any other marketing resources such as newsletters, emails, messages that you have available.

You’ll build up and expand your teaching globally all over the world.

We will support you by including your content on our online movement academy website and in our digital marketing campaigns.

Examples of the courses:

Professional Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Movement and Wellbeing Retreat

We will become business partners supporting each other and our communities of professionals and students.

We can support you if you need some advice by one on one video call  (£20/1h): Whatsapp 00447778589825, please text to schedule a meeting.

You don’t need to advance any money towards your online courses. To make it easier only a profit share arrangement is available at this stage of our Partnership.

If you are interested in making a passive income as proposed please send all the requested above material on one drive google link to

By working with us you are giving us (FlowMove) permission to use the copyrights to all of the material provided by yourself, on our and third party websites involved in the process, including social media, newsletters and related online marketing resources.

You are responsible for your own marketing and sales.

Once the sale is active, we will share with you on a monthly bases a report from your course sales and divide it 50/50.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you!

If you know other professionals who might be interested please spread out the world to expand our community and the possibility of sharing your courses.

Together we can support each other’s way of living and contribute to a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing!

Join in!