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How Coronavirus has changed our lives

By June 29, 2021July 2nd, 2021No Comments

How Corona Virsus has changed our lives?

A few months ago before all it started, we were leading a normal hectic lifestyle. We were complaining how busy and tired we are, how little time we have for our loved ones, almost none. How nice would it be to go on a few months retreat somewhere in the middle of India or elsewhere to retire our minds and bodies? All the frustrations of day to day busy existence and dreams of free time to reflect and find space for ourselves. All that was just a dream. Few month later down the line we suddenly have all we were desperate for and yet we are not satisfied. Human nature derives from the most unexpected and unpredicted factors. Once they happen we are still unhappy. Basically we are never happy when we work like crazy, suffer from the stress and the sleep deprivation as well as we have all imaginable time to stay by ourselves and do things we always wanted to do. Suddenly we got stuck because something has changed and we are out of the usual routine which we inhabited for a long time. Finally, we have all imaginable times we have always dreamt of to be able to come back to our passions and desires. We can not move forward because it’s unfamiliar to us. Suddenly we want back to what we lost, no matter how bad it was but it was familiar. So we want back the stress of known instead od unknown, we want back short nights of sleep instead of long ones, we want back no time for ourselves and our loved ones instead of plenty of time for us and our families and friends. In the real world, there is no perfect case scenario we dreamed of, instead there is a glimpse of what we want. We just need to recognise it and catch it when it comes.

Due to our global pandemic covid19, the whole world went upside down. We all became even more anxious than ever before because of such a big question mark where it all is going to lead us. We became paralyzed by the fact that we are locked down 24/7 alone or with someone either family members, friends or strangers. We are uncertain when it is going to end and how. Are we going to survive or not? How is coronavirus going to change our individual lives and the global perception of our future world? How are we going to coupe with the lockdown for 3 to 6 months? There are millions of questions coming up into each other heads how, when, what if,…

Guess what – you are not alone in all this mess, we are all part of this experience. We all as a one are on the same boat. After we’ve absorbed the initial shock to the system and adapt to the current circumstances, this is the right time to get up and do something about it. As we are helpless in fighting the virus in a scientific way, let’s leave it to the epidemiologists and virologists to sort the vaccine out. What we can do is to follow the global guidelines about keeping hygienic up to a maximum of standard and keeping social distancing. In order to do that we need to apply the psychological distancing to detach from the nightmare and make the most of the time and space we finally have in our hands.

Get out of your bed, do the exercises, go for a walk or run, cycle, focus on a healthy diet and make a plan on how to fill your time up with daily routines. Read a book you have never got chance to read, write a diary you left somewhere on the shell a few years ago, come back to writing this book you started but you have never got chance to finish, set up the company you though it was the best idea ever and you gave up on it, create a new project you have never thought of but now it became so clear that this is what you really want to do. No matter what you come up with, maybe take these few weeks, months to go on your spiritual retreat within yourself and observe what happens. Stay present, experience the emotions you are going through, label them: suffering, worrying, overthinking, overanalyzing. Let them come, be with them and let them go. There is no right or wrong the way you are going to use your time. The important thing is that you are going to do something in order to feel motivated and inspire others who now need even more your support.

By setting up our minds with positive thinking we can influence the universe to do it as well. If we all contribute to humanity with some kindness, compassion and empathy for others and ourselves we all are going to make this world a better place. Think of what you would like to do once the covid19 crisis is over. Make a plan, start applying changes in your daily life and make it perfect in this challenging time.

Times like this are here to remind us how powerful we are as humans and how many changes we can make by setting ourselves up for the best to come. Keep positive and Stay at home!!!!

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