Joanna Puchala is the founder of FlowMove – an online movement academy which provides with online wellbeing (aerial/yoga/dance/barre/pilates) courses and teacher trainings; also organises workshops, retreats and professional training with the emphasis on a fluid, flowing and organic moving meditation. She is an aerialist, contemporary dancer/choreographer; multidisciplinary wellbeing practitioner and instructor of Pilates, Aerial/Yoga and also a Yoga Therapist for mental health, depression and anxiety based in London. She leads international workshops, runs training courses and retreats.

Joanna came across Aerial Yoga five years ago when she was already an experienced yoga teacher. Since then she has delivered many Aerial Yoga classes, workshops and retreats and she saw the potential to run an Aerial teacher training course to  develop the expertise of other yoga professionals.  She realised that regular mat yoga is becoming saturated with classes and courses.  Aerial yoga, however, is just emerging from niche into a mainstream form of yoga therapy.  Many find there are immense benefits associated with the inversions and suspensions of aerial and anti-gravity yoga and it helps make yoga practice deeply therapeutic and spiritual.

Joanna has created a unique form of aerial yoga flow practice which allows the experience of suspension, while strengthening and opening the body and mind.  Her unique approach to aerial yoga practice has made her greatly in demand for her teaching skills.  This interest inspired her to share her skills and train other professionals and help them to enjoy the success and opportunities she has found in the course of last five years of aerial yoga teaching.

Joanna has 20 years experience in different mind body practices such as yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow), Pilates and Contemporary dance. She teaches Vinyasa flow that focuses on core strength and flexibility and allows for self-expression, body toning and a deep connection between body and mind.  As a Yoga Therapist for mental health, depression and anxiety she trained with Minded Institute, she has developed techniques to stimulate the body and mind, such as: Pilates and Free/Flow/Improvised movement to release the stress and calm down the nervous system.

Joanna started her career following her studies in Poland graduating with an Economics degree in Business Studies.  After moving to the UK she had several jobs in PR, Marketing and Business Development and she later ran several startup companies.  Then, in her thirties, she decided on a fundamental change of career and committed herself to her first love which was dance.

She took at Dance degree at  Birkbeck College, University of London in association with The Place (Contemporary Dance School of London) and Matthew Bourne ‘New Adventures’.  She also studied dance at Lewisham College (LeSoCo) and won a BTEC National Award in Performing Arts-Dance.  She tool a further degree at Royal Holloway, College, University of London and obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Physical Theatre for Dancers and Actors lead by the Jasmin Vardimon Company.   She then took several professional qualifications in Aerial/Yoga/Thearapy, Reformer/Pilates, Pole Dance and Barre.

As a Contemporary dancer,  Joanna developed her own style of Yoga Dance and Aerial Yoga Dance which incorporated Yoga and Aerial Yoga principals in conjunction with the Contemporary dance.  She is a founder, artistic director, choreographer, performer and producer of the award winning LCP Dance Theatre company which raises awareness of violated human rights using the performing arts. LCP Dance has been nominated several times by Amnesty International for the Freedom of Expression Performing Arts Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

In 2018 Joanna decided to develop a platform that she could share with other artists to express a shared belief in promoting Human Rights and Social Justice by founding the Social Arts Festival. This is an annual event for artistes to exhibit their talents by addressing sensitive human, political and social subjects though performance.   Both LCP and the Social Arts Festival not for profit organisations.  FlowMove is an official sponsor of both artistic companies.  Profits from FlowMove go towards supporting the two organisations to send a message highlighting human rights and social injustice through performance, movement and art.   Flowmove intends to bring professional Aerial Yoga training to teachers of Yoga and through its sponsorships it also provides an opportunity to perform on a public platform bringing together dance forms and yoga.