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Paradise where the Amazon meets the Ocean

By January 23, 2021July 2nd, 2021No Comments


I hope You are well. Covid19 restrictions made me live on one of the most beautiful islands in the world #maiandeuaisland #algodoal in #brazil Time here has stopped 100 years ago or so and the luck of cars, trains, buses and planes makes this place very unique.

Maiandeua archipelago is at the end of State of Amazonias, where the Amazon river enters the Atlantic Ocean.

The only way of transport here is a horse and carriage. The white sand is everywhere therefore you can walk bear feet.  There are 4 islands in the Archipelago of Maiandeua: #algodoal #Camboihna #fortalezinha #mocooca

The total of habitats is over 3000.

The Maiandeua Ilha is a paradise.

I’m stuck here to create something unique for you all. You can benefit from it in the future when the #covid_19 restrictions are released.

The FlowMove Retreat Centre Brunch in Poland has already won the #Traveller Review Awards 2021

For the best holiday accommodation in the most remote place in the Polish Mountains #kamesznica

You can rest here and practice yoga in the middle of the national park.

We are looking forward to opening a new FlowMove Retreat Centre in Brazil. Please look for the updates about this beautiful place immersed in the #ecoreserve of #brazilianmarina by the #atlanticocean .

For more information about renting the propriety for #aerial #yoga #circus #dance #pilates #wellbeing #holiday #retreats check out:

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